Welcome to Kayla Small Coaching

At one point I was that woman in the gym who had no idea what I was doing. I wasn’t confident or comfortable in my body. I’ve been there. I know how confusing and uncomfortable it can be to step into a gym. I know how confusing the fitness world can be. Which is why I’ve started a coaching business that focuses on helping busy individuals get results through sustainable changes . I want to help you and other women feel comfortable with yourselves in and out of the gym. I want to help you navigate the fitness world and help make your journey as easy as possible.

While working together we will focus on health and fitness education and creating a sustainable lifestyle for long term success. We will focus on energy/calorie balance instead of diets so that you learn about how energy/calorie balance works and why it’s important to understand these concepts for long term success. We will also focus on decreasing stress, the quality of your sleep and small daily habits. 

I can’t wait to work together and help you along your journey!

Coach Kayla