Monthly 1:1 coaching includes:

  • Personalized training program that reflects your goals and lifestyle 
  • Monthly zoom check-ins
  • Email or text support (through the app or Telegram)
  • Nutrition support (calorie and protein targets)
  • Movement assessments/video form reviews
  • Access to a training app/exercise library

Educational topics we will go over:

  • Energy/calorie balance
  • Nutrition/calorie tracking
  • Sleep
  • Stress and stress management 
  • Daily habits/consistency 
  • Menstrual cycle
  • Recovery/supplements
  • Grocery shopping/restaurant dinning

I do have some client criteria to go over before you apply. First I don’t work with clients who have eating disorders because that is out of my scope of practice. Second you need to be open to tracking calories (at least at first) and strength training.

 1:1 monthly coaching is $299 per month.

If you are interested please fill out a application and I will get back to you!