Who am I?

I’m Kayla Small, Personal Trainer/Online Coach, who strives to inspire and empower busy individuals to achieve their fitness goals for a healthier, more active lifestyle.

I live in Oregon with my partner in crime, dog, cats and axolotls 


My Story

I wasn’t very athletic growing up. I played a year of basketball (everyone made the team) and flag football (again everybody made the team). This was the extent of my athletic career. Then when I was about 12 I got into running after I heard a comment about how I was gaining weight (hello puberty and menstrual cycle). This part of my journey probably lasted 2 or 3 years. Once I got into high school my fitness journey slowly came to an end.

My nutrition knowledge was little to none during this time. I went vegetarian for a few years but I didn’t like vegetables and ended up pretty sick. I didn’t know anything about calories, macronutrients, hydration or how to properly fuel my body with nutrient dense foods.

Then high school ended and I started working full time at Taco Bell and going to college. I went from 110 lbs to 135lbs in a couple of years. I ate way to much fast food, didn’t drink enough water and just overall didn’t take care of any aspect of my health. I started to have really negative and dark thoughts about myself and my body. At this point I knew something had to change or I was going to go down a dark road.

I had tried some gyms in my area but I never stuck with any of them but then I found a gym that was Women only and I finally felt that i found a place where I belonged. This gym became my home away from home. It’s where I learned to appreciate and love my body for all that it could do. It’s where I decided that I also wanted to help other women become more comfortable in their skin and became a personal trainer.

I went on to become a trainer at the women’s gym and took over the evening Fitcamps. I continued to study and get different certifications and my love for health and fitness grew and grew. Then 2020 hit and sadly my gym closed and I decided to give online training a try. Now here we are and I absolutely love being able to coach online and work with a variety of people


My Philosophy

Kayla Small Coaching strives to inspire and empower busy individuals to achieve their fitness goals for a healthier, more active lifestyle. Your health shouldn’t be an afterthought. 

My exercise philosophy: I don’t believe fitness is a one-size-fits all which is why I take a personalized approach to training and designing a workout plan that is based on your individual needs, lifestyle and fitness level

My nutrition philosophy: I believe that the practice of flexible dieting is the way to maintaining a healthy relationship with food. We achieve this by evaluating each person’s body composition, current eating habits and lifestyle demands to provide guidance and personalized calorie intake/macronutrient intake needs

My wellness philosophy: wellness is so much more than exercise and nutrition. It also includes stress levels, sleep quality, mindset and self-care. Which is why we don’t just focus on nutrition and fitness and instead focus on the whole person

As a coach I feel that it is my duty to 

  • Incorporate a holistic approach to health and fitness that includes cardiovascular health, muscular strength, flexibility, nutrition, stress and lifestyle factors 
  • Provide my clients with the knowledge, skill, guidance, support, motivation and educational resources that will allow them to explore their own fitness potential and enhance the quality of their lives
  • Establish a warm, safe and non-intimidating environment that facilitates and enhances the learning process