Fitness and Nutrition Tips when Traveling

Traveling is fun but it can definitely disrupt your fitness and nutrition routines and habits. This can make it a challenge to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Planning ahead and having a plan while traveling makes it possible to stay on track. Here are 7 fitness and nutrition tips while traveling that I use:

  • Plan ahead

Take some time before traveling to research your destination, what restaurants will be around, what food or snack choices will be available at your destination and while traveling, what snacks can you bring with you, does your hotel have a gym or are there any gyms nearby and what grocery stores will be around. Look at the menu’s before going to a restaurant so that you can get an idea about what to order and what the nutrition looks like. Planning ahead gives you a better chance of staying on track.

  • Pack healthy snacks

Snacks are important, especially when traveling. You never know where you will be when you get hungry and having snacks readily available will keep you from picking unhealthy choices when you get hungry. Pack snacks like protein bars (even though these aren’t my favorite source of protein, they are very convenient when traveling), jerky, dried fruits, nuts or trail mix, seaweed, popcorn, pretzels or granola bars are great options. If you are traveling by car and have a cooler, you can also keep hard boiled eggs, cheese snack packs, hummus and lunch meat on hand.

  • Pack supplements

Make sure to pack your supplements when traveling. I prefer to buy single-serving supplement packs for protein and electrolytes.

  • Utilize hotel gyms

If you are staying in a hotel that has a gym, take advantage of it! Even a quick workout can have a positive impact on your overall well-being and boost your mood. While most hotels will have similar equipment, you might come across new machines or equipment to try.

  • Get your steps in

Walking is underrated and is a great way to keep active while traveling. Go explore your destination on foot.

  • Stay hydrated

Traveling can disrupt our regular hydration habits, which can lead to fatigue and poor food choices. Get a 16-20oz water bottle to keep with you as you travel. You can bring a water bottle on planes. They just can’t have liquid in them as you go through security, so bring it with you and then fill it up after you get through security! Keeping hydrated keeps your energy levels up, aids in digestion and helps you make healthier choices. Avoid excessive intake of sugary drinks or alcohol, as they can dehydrate you. Carrying single serving packets of electrolytes makes it easy to add electrolytes into your water bottle.

  • Prioritize protein

While traveling, it’s easy to rely on fast food or restaurant meals, which are often higher in calories and lower in protein. Read the menu you before you go out to eat. If you can’t find a good high protein dish, eat a high protein snack before going. Prioritizing protein helps reduce hunger and cravings and it also helps maintain a healthy weight.

I also just want to point out that it is absolutely okay to just enjoy yourself while on vacation and get back to your fitness and nutrition routines when you get home.

Safe travels!

Coach Kayla

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